Other Pets in Doha

  • Rabbits
    50 QAR
    5 rabbits Age: 1 month...
    Doha - 14 Apr
  • Small rabbits
    150 QAR
    3 rabbits for 150QR. Each rabbit 50QR....
    Doha - 24 Mar
  • stunning friesian gelding horse for your family
    20,000 QAR
    He has good breeding. Friesian is such a kind and loving horse, everybody will fall in love with him. He is quiet and easy to ride, he is very honest, suitable for novice, or mother daughter share. He has three nice paces. He has a nice floating step...
    Doha - 24 Jan
  • تيس جيكي قزم للبيع
    2,800 QAR
    تيس قزم للبيع...
    Doha - 29 Aug
  • Big Terrarium and Iguana
    1,000 QAR
    Selling customize terrarium and iguana :inside terrarium has a 2 lamp light attached with 2 UVB and UVA 2 in 1 light bulb 75w1 basking light 3 drifted woods reptile plants check out pictures below 1 digital thermometer...
    Doha - 05 Aug
  • Medium sized tortoise
    130 QAR
    Tortoise is in good health...
    Doha - 25 Nov