Cats in Doha

  • 10 week old kitten
    700 QAR
    Persian long haired mix white lucky odd eyes....
    Doha - 15 Nov
  • A Scottish Fold Cat for Sale
    3,000 QAR
    A Scottish fold is eagerly waiting for a cozy home with a caring foster family to live in!! He's got such adorable big paws, cute bent tail and sparkly golden eyes. Sometimes he would be playful, other times he would be adorably calm and cuddly! H...
    Doha - 06 Aug
  • قط اسكوتش استريت بيور
    1,800 QAR
    قط سكوتش استريت بيور عمر شهرين مأخذ التطعيمات لون ابيض يحب اللعب ودود جداً...
    Doha - 06 May
  • (URGENT) Calico cat for sale (I'll be travelling on Thursday)
    1,500 QAR
    (Urgent) I'll be travelling on Thursday and I want to sell my cat (One cat) before/On Thursday. I lost my Qatari sim card so if you're interested please contact me on WhatsApp (Egyptian number) 0020 1124211522 (The price is negotiable) (عاجل...
    Doha - 04 Feb
  • Cats for sale
    1,000 QAR
    Cute and friendly pair of cats with cage and food...
    Doha - 09 Jan
  • Sirazi mix male
    750 QAR
    Good kitten every time need playing and good eat food...
    Doha - 06 Jan
  • A Scottish Fold Ear Cat for Sale
    1,700 QAR
    A one-year-old Scottish Fold Ear Cat looking for a lovely home to live in! It is a female. she is vaccinated, healthy, calm and unique! She's got golden eyes, fold ears, really soft hair, and cute big hands! she weighs 3.4 KG, which makes her ado...
    Doha - 05 Jan
  • Persian Kitten For sale
    1,000 QAR
    Persian Kitten ( DollFace ) 4 months Age. Semi Punched Doll Face. Pure White & Golden Colour Toilet Trained. Highly Trained & Always Active. Expected Price: Qr. 1000/- Only ...
    Doha - 12 Oct
  • شهر و نصف قطه صغيره فارسي شيرازي لعوبه
    450 QAR
    قطتان شيرازي فارسي للبيع تستخدم ليتر بوكس و تاكل اكل جاف لعوبه و مسليه...
    Doha - 11 Sep
  • قطتين للبيع
    1,500 QAR
    2 kittens Shiraz and Persian using litter box eating dry and funny and playing pets...
    Doha - 03 Sep